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“The initial and continued success of a property management team depends on the exceptional talent hired to perform the various tasks.”

However, the real challenge for your property management team is finding those exceptional employees who will be motivated to reach and accomplish your established objectives and work together with you to take your company to new heights. Follow these tips to attract and hire an exceptional group of workers.

Upgrade Your Website

Adopt a contemporary layout for your website. Even though you will rely on word-of-mouth and referrals to attract talented people to apply to work with your property management team, you should also work on modifying your website.
79% of people in the United States used online resources to search for jobs. Your website is just one of those online resources. Therefore, you need to dedicate a page to careers on your website and provide the following information to job seekers:
• Current job openings
• Benefits (growth opportunities, retirement benefits, and work culture)
• Contact information
• Online application process
• Company description

Social Media Platforms

Your property management business needs to establish social media presence. 79% of people use social media to search for a job. Stay active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Post job openings through these portals to attract exceptional talent to apply at your company.

Invest in the Hiring Process

Exceptional talent is most likely found in a person with years of experience and qualification. However, to convince them to work for you, you will need to give them a good salary package, which also increases the likelihood of them staying on longer. Look at it as an investment for the betterment of your company’s future.

Train Your Current Employees

Lastly, train your current employees to perform even better, build on their existing skills, and acquire new skills. Ask Deb Fox training programs can help you train your team. For more information about the training available visit http://askdebfox.com/training-seminars-debra-fox/. Or contact Debra directly by calling 602-570-7398 or email at Dfox@askdebfox.com.