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AAA Landlord Services

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AAA Landlord Services have been a leader in the process serving industry for over 20 years. AAA specializes in landlord tenant issues and has 8 full time servers and 23 part time servers that handle any document serving needs. Our extensive experience and hard-earned knowledge allow us to handle a variety work loads efficiently and correctly.

AAALandlord.com provides several legal forms and information that helps answer most landlord tenant related questions. AAA’s professional staff is always ready to answer any of your questions regarding serving procedure, fees, locating past tenants and collections. 5 day notice delivery starts at $7.00 for apartment complexes and $25.00 for individual addresses. Forcible detainers rates begin as low as $25.00. AAA also handles all other legal documents and, with servers statewide and contacts nationwide, can facilitate the service of your legal documents.

Why I Recommend AAA Landlord Services

“After working with AAA Landlord for over 12 years, I proudly recommend this company as the premier process server company in Arizona. The servers are officers of the court and are actively trying to serve delinquent residents and tenants when others would give up and send the paperwork certified. AAA Landlord is a full service company who caters to property manager needs. There is not another company like this one in our entire state of Arizona and I highly Recommend you use AAA Landlord Services as your process servers of choice.”

Debra Fox