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How about attracting, training and retaining an excellent team? Start with the best candidates, train them well, keep them longer. Find out more here.




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What’s the best way to attract and retain premium tenants? Use the best screening tools with less paperwork! Find out more here.







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Are brown grass, wilting flowers, and over-grown trees costing you tenants? Want a reliable, talented team to transform your property and create curb appeal? Find out more here.




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What if you had someone who knows the inner workings, the good and bad, and has retained top connections for over 30 years in the Phoenix multi-housing industry? What if that person was willing to advise you for free? Would that help? Debra’s no-nonsense approach and clear understanding of the essentials of this industry, along with her high-level connections with top-tier industry professionals make her your go-to problem solver. Find out more about Debra here.

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Debra, who I am honored to call my friend, helped our company grow to be one of the largest of its kind in the State. As the saying goes, “ it’s who you know,” and Debra knows a lot of folks that are not only decision makers, but are just great people with high integrity. You have to build relationships to build a business, so it is only smart to use Debra who already has the relationships you need to build your business. If you want to grow your business, you can waste a bunch of time and money on marketing, or you can call Debra.

Denny Dobbins

Executive Vice President, CrimShield, Inc.

Debra is one of the most fascinating people that I know. We have worked together in the property management field for eighteen years. She is driven, hard working, charming and loyal. Debra has fantastic networking skills. Debra will go out of her way to help you in any way that she can. If I could rate Debra on a scale of one to ten, she is a twelve!

Kathy Relyea

Regional Property Manager, Avenue5 Residential

Debra is truly a “woman in the know”. Whenever I have a question about almost anything–from where to find the right vendor, to how to handle a real estate issue, to how to get the best rate on a rental property–Debra always has the perfect solution for me. Debra is extremely hard working, amazingly well-connected and operates with integrity. I highly recommend using her services. I don’t believe you could find a more professional, intelligent and committed partner.

Sherree Mongrain

Owner, PEEP Social Media