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It’s Spring, and along with warmer weather and longer days, it reminds us to do a little Spring Cleaning of our property. These Spring Cleaning tasks are critical for maintaining property value and discovering an issue before it gets too big. As property owners, deciding which tasks to do and in what order can be overwhelming. Here’s a basic checklist to use that will help you keep everything in order.

Basic Spring Cleaning Checklist:

• Examine Roof Shingles to find out if any were lost or damaged during winter. Replacing these promptly helps you avoid costly repairs.
• Check the Wood Trim checking for soft or rotting wood and make any necessary repairs now, before damage can occur in the exposed wood.
• Check the Gutters for loose or leaky gutters, improper drainage or downspout debris. Any of these can cause big problems as spring rains begin. Avoid the hassle of big repairs by taking care of these gutters and downspouts now.
• Use Compacted Soil to fill low areas on your property—especially near foundation areas. The compacted soils will help prevent water from seeping under the foundation.
• Inspect concrete slabs for signs of disturbance, cracks or possible movement. Repair if necessary. Check out sidewalks throughout the property and repair cracks or dangerous shifts in the concrete.
• Clean/Service your outside air-conditioning unit. This should be completed by a qualified heating and cooling contractor and should be done in the Spring and again in the Fall.
• Check the exterior of the chimney, if present, for damage. Have a certified chimney sweep clean and inspect the flue.

Since on tenants tend to move in the spring and summer months, Spring is also a great time to take care of smaller tasks while the property is vacant. Keep a checklist specific to your property.

Some tasks to include:

• Check/replace light bulbs
• Examine plumbing fixtures and repair if needed
• Examine outdoor faucets and replace if needed
• Replace furnace/air filters
• Replace all smoke detector batteries
• Check the doors, locks and window closures to assure all are functioning

Some time invested now for quick repairs will prevent costly problems down the road. For assistance with your property Spring Cleaning, give me a call at 602-570-7398 or contact me here. I can recommend highly experienced and time-tested vendors who can help you manage your Spring Cleaning tasks!